Past workshops & testimonials

About the Geology Workshops

Tim Agnello, Realtor® and Engineering Geologist

As an active participant in the Greater Cincinnati geology community and as a licensed real estate broker, I periodically speak along with Dr. Barry Maynard, about the geology and the real estate issues in the tri-state region. Listed below are some of the past workshops and field trips we have led or organized. Our workshops can be tailored to your needs whether it is an office setting of professionals or a public outreach program.  We generally work in the tri-state region of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana but can be retained for other areas of the country.  Our workshops are hands-on and and meant to increase awareness and understanding of geologic hazards and the associated devaluation of real estate.  Please click here if you wish to contact us regarding a future workshop. 

Geologic Hazards of Cincinnati
What Every Realtor® Needs to Know About the Geology of the Tri-State Region (biannual presentation)

This is a short course biannually sponsored by the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors since 2003.  The workshop is presented by Tim Agnello, P.G., a consulting professional geologist and Dr. J. Barry Maynard, Professor of Geology, University of Cincinnati.

Testimonial from an Appraiser-
“I haven’t attended a class like this in over twenty years, outstanding field trip and very useful information that will save my clients money (financial institutions).  Thank you.”

Testimonial from a Commercial Property Manager & Business Owner-
“Outstanding course on landslide issues and real estate.  I have several associates that I will be strongly recommending this course to.” 

Testimonial from a Commercial Real Estate Broker-
“This (course) was an eye-opener… I clearly understand the meaning of due dilligence when purchasing or advising my clients on real estate.”

2005 Northern Kentucky Landslide Workshop Part I (click to view brochure)
A Little Knowledge Can Save a Lot of Money

Workshop sponsored by the Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission (NKAPC), Kentucky Geological Survey (KGS), and the Boone, Campbell, and Kenton County Soil & Water Conservation District.  Attended by planners, building and zoning officials, financial institutions, emergency managment personnel, and various public officials.

Testimonial from a Building Inspector-
“Great information and well rounded presentation on issues of building on hillsides and near the brow of the slope.  The workshop gives me a clearer understanding of complex building issues and solid information for code enforcement.”

Testimonial from an Engineer- 
“The field trip to see landslide damages and landslide features was the best part of the day and very informative.”

Testimonial from a Banker & Real Estate Investor-
“The speakers enthusiasm for the subject matter and information presented is very helpful in my day-to-day investment (lending) decisions.”

2006 Northern Kentucky Landslide Workshop Part II
Landslides and What You Can Do About Them

As a follow-up to the 2005 workshop on landslides in Northern Kentucky, the sponsors and various instructors provided practical guidance on where to get information on assessing landslide susceptibility, what to do before and after a damaging slide occurs and the costs of doing something—or consequences of leaving it alone. The workshop was held on July 25, 2006.

Testimonial from an Engineer-
“Informative session on landslide recognition in the field and techniques for identifying landsliding in the office….”

Testimonial from a Public Official-
“…well rounded group of presenters with comprehensive coverage of the landslide problem from various angles (residential landsliding issues, infrastructure issues and abatement, resources available to locate problematic areas, etc).” 

2007 1st Ohio Valley Soil Workshop: Slope Stability, Stabilization Methods, & Field Reconnaissance of Landsliding in the Tri-State Area of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

This is an all day workshop open to engineering professionals, junior engineers, technicians, surveyors, building & zoning officials or anyone interested in the geotechnical and geologic aspects of slope stability in the tri-state region of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Meets 15 hours of PE Continuing Education in Ohio & Kentucky. Limited seating. Click here for 2007 brochure

Co-taught with Dr. Mark T. Bowers, PhD, PE
Mark is an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering and Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies in the College of Engineering at the University of Cincinnati where he has been teaching since 1985. He is the head of the Geotechnical Engineering Program in which he teaches courses in soil mechanics, foundation engineering, consolidation, settlement, shear strength, slope stability, and ground control and improvement. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Ohio. In addition to his academic career, Mark worked as a consulting engineer in Utah and as a project engineer for a mining corporation in Arizona.

2008 Landslide Recognition For Professionals: Office and Field Identification with Emphasis on Glacial Geology and Landslide Morphology.

This is an all day workshop geared towards the engineering professional, junior engineer, field technician, surveyor, and building officials or anyone interested in recognition of colluvial and lacusterine landsliding in the tri-state region of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Meets 8 hours of Professional Engineering Continuing Education in Ohio & Kentucky. The workshop includes ~3 hours of classroom instruction followed by a field inspection of a severely damaged residential subdivision; comparison to an adjacent property built to accommodate slide risk and ground-truthing/observation of subtle landslide features on an adjacent undeveloped parcel.

Attention, this workshop can be tailored to your firm or organizations needs. For additional information call or click here for the 2008 brochure.