Report a landslide

This is an opportunity to report a new or old landslide to help us monitor the landslide climate in the tri-state region of southern Ohio, northern Kentucky, and southeastern Indiana. Additionally your reporting of a landslide will help to document the never-ending cycle of landsliding in the tri-state region. The data we collect will help to enlighten future generations of quasi and non-believers and surely establish the tri-state region of Greater Cincinnati as a Landslide Leader. Basically we want to increase public awarenes of the tri-state landslide potential and your input will help document the damages over time and the geographic extent of landsliding.

Some helpful hints to help us keep an accurate database:
Date recognized refers to the date you 1st noticed, became aware of, or saw the landslide. “New” refers to a fresh landslide with open cracks and exposed bare soil and a fresh morphology that occurred in the last 6 months. Existing is for landslides that have been previously recognized or have characteristics representative of old landslide morphology. If not sure whether new or existing you can state unsure.  Please enter the State, City, County, and zip code. For the street address/cross roads location please indicate nearest physical street number and nearest crossroad. Please note that specific street address locations will not be made available to the public. Internally, this will help us to create an accurate geospatial map. Please report damages to physical property or structure and if known the amount. The landslide information can be updated later as you obtain new information. Please indicate who is reporting this information (no need for names) such as homeowner, engineer, concerned citizen, etc. The approximate size of landslide can be expressed as acreage, or in square feet.

All information followed by a red asterisk (*) is required.