Below are web sites you may want to visit for more information on landslides and on the geology of Greater Cincinnati: “Homeowners Insurance Does Not Cover Many Types of Damage”

This web site nicely covers the role of insurance in a geo hazard situation and explains some steps to take to protect yourself.

University of Cincinnati Department of Geology (Dr. Barry Maynard)

Dr. Barry Maynard’s web site at the Universityof Cincinnati gives an overview of the geology of the tri-state region.

Haneberg Geo Science

William Haneberg’s web site has some interesting information on Ohio landslides and a list of research papers on the topic.

Hillside Trust

The Hillside Trust actively works to help achieve a balance between the competing interests of development and conservation of our remaining hillside land in Greater Cincinnati (including northern Kentucky, southern Ohio, and southeastern Indiana).

City of Cincinnati Chapter 1433 Hillside Overlay District Zoning Code

“The purpose of the Hillside Overlay District regulations is to establish standards to assist in the development of land and structures in existing hillside areas and procedures for the review of proposed development…..”

Note: We have posted below two links referencing the zoning code.  The links show slightly different information and maybe out of date but nevertheless capture the essence of past hillside overlay zoning in Cincinnati as a pdf.

City of Cincinnati

Information on this site covers walls and the public right of way repairs due to landsliding and gives a brief overview of the City of Cincinnati Geotechnical Office.

Geologic Maps for Land-Use Planning in Kentucky

To find land use maps based on geology and to gain a better understanding of problem building sites, see:

Kentucky Geological Survey

For information on the geology of Kentucky and a map (pdf) entitled General Landslide and Geologic Map (of Kentucky). 

State of Ohio, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological Survey

Some general references to geological hazards in the State of Ohio along with an informative pdf document on “Landslides in Ohio”.

Below is a direct link to a 136 page pdf of the Soil Survey of Hamilton County found on the State of Ohio, Department of Natural Resources web site.  This is an invaluable tool for locating problematic soils associated with landsliding.

Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District

The Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District is responsible for the conservation of natural resources within Hamilton County, Ohio. The emphasis is on assisting landowners in planning and applying conservation practices on the land.  Under the section entitled “Resources, Programs, and Services” you can find Earth Work Regulations for Hamilton County.

Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

Lots of technical information on landsliding here including a very useful consumer friendly document developed under a FEMA grant entilted “Homeowner’s Guide to Landslides” produced by Portland State University.

Utah Geological Survey

At the Utah Geological Survey you can learn more about landslides and also find a list of resources which include “For Real-Estate Agents & Homebuyers” and a section “For Consultants and Design Professionals”.  Also below is a direct link to a Utah Geological Survey publication (pdf) entitled “Landslides: What they are, why they occur” with some very clear general illustrations, a short section on how you can reduce the landslide risk, and reference to a famous landslide in Thistle Utah.  

United States Geological Survey

The Natural Hazards Gateway portal page at the USGS is a good resource to gain an understanding of landsliding across the United States. Some references are made to the Greater Cincinnati area.  Additionally an excellent article written by a newspaper reporter on landsliding entitled The Liquid Earth can be accessed below.          

Tesoro Realty Inc.

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